Red Tent Party Ideas

  • Invite your red tent of friends.  Here is an example of our Invitation.
    My daughters and I each invited a few good friends, and close female relatives.  We also invited one of my husband’s close female friends, which made us feel his presence as well.

  • Create a setting:  red and pink  tablecloths, candles, lights, a circlular and comfortable seating arrangement, ask guests to dress according to your theme (bible or otherwise). 

  • Share stories about the girl/woman being celebrated, or your own stories (your first menstruation, your induction into the army, your fears at engagement).  Remember she needs to hear not only your positive glorious stories, but also stories about your difficultues as a child and woman.

  • Teach the Basal thermometer method for a woman to know when she is ovulating or teach good cramp exercises. 

  • Massage each other with soothing meditation music in the background.

  • Play some silly games. 

  • Share some interesting facts with your guests.

  • Read empowering poems out loud to each other. 

  • Have a Ceremony for the Occasion, Religious or Not.

  • Belly-dance!  Dress up with scarves and beads and invite an experienced belly-dancer to give instructions and bring good music. See some of our pictures!

  • Bring a bouquet of balloons with a blank card attached for the girl/woman to write down a wish, a thought, or a dream.  Surround her with supportive words until she releases the balloons.
  • At various times throughout the party remind the gir/women of the following concepts.  Support, Surround, Strengthen, Empower, and Love. 

3 Responses to “Red Tent Party Ideas”

  1. babaylan Says:

    I just planned and invited a bunch of friends to a red tent party. I realized that so many women love the red tent book that somebody else must have thought up this same idea so i googled “red tent party” and found this blog!!! yehey! now I will read your blog alot more and will share how our party went.

    more power and love to you all, ladies!

  2. Trouble Says:

    I am planning a RED TENT party for our tribe’s 13 year old how began bleeding this month. I am so excited and grateful for all the ideas here and just to know womyn around the world are continuing to celebrate themselves.

  3. Talking About Sex Says:

    […] ideas for a crimson Tent celebration for your daughter […]

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