A Ceremony

Try to capture qualities of empowerment, pride, spiritual development, religious teachings, feminist teaching, and a sense of support, love, and womanly wisdom.

“Welcome to this celebration for AVIYA. We gather today to welcome you, AVIYA, to womanhood. You are a symbol of the passage to womanhood that each of us here and women of every culture. We gather today to honor our sacred power as women. Our flow of blood represents our life-giving powers.   We celebrate our fertility, our creativity, our spirit and our intuition.   We are women together. May AVIYA be blessed with the power of women’s energy and may we each be blessed with the power of AVIYA.”

We light three candles today to capture our experience as women. The red one is for those who are fertile, those who bleed each month. (The young woman honored in the celebration lights the red candle.) The purple is for the wise women who have passed beyond the biological capacity to give birth and have channeled their energies through their whole bodies: mind, spirit, and body. (A menopausal woman lights the purple candle.)  The green is for the young girls who will soon pass into womanhood. (A young girl lights the green candle.)God is present at every moment; it is up to us to acknowledge God’s presence. We do it through saying blessings. A blessing can gently teach what it means to be a woman, how miraculous the human body is, and can draw the girl closer to her mother, grandmothers and all the women whose lives made hers possible. A blessing recognizes the divinity present in this moment of transformation, this moment of connection.

  • Blessed are You, Holy One of Being, Mother-and-Father of us all, Who has made me in Your image, like Adam from the Adamah upon creation, with the feminine and masculine sides still intertwined.
  • Blessed are You, Holy one of Being, Mother-and-Father of us all, Who has created me predominantly and joyously female.
  • Blessed are You, Holy One of Being, Parent of us all, Who has brought us with great joy to this moment of change in Aviya’s life and in the lives of all of us joined in celebration.



One Response to “A Ceremony”

  1. משה Says:

    אתר ממש טוב מלא מידע. עברתי על כל הלינקים וקראתי את כולם. אחד הדברים שעולה לי שמסיבת אוהל אדום שונה מחלק מהטקסים היא, שבחלק מהטקסים נראה כאילו עוצבו בידי המין השני משמחה שתהיה להם המשכיות. אשמח לעזור לך לתרגם חלק מהדברים לעברית.

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