Moon Lodge

I want to build a moon lodge
where old womyn braid my hair
brushing slowly, gently
the tangles of my life free
where there are no walls
only painted warm cloth
flowing, circling
blanketing me from the world
hanging between strong trunks and branches
of old growth wisdom
where I can smell flowers
and soil, rotting wood
where I can bleed in the moss
moan down the river
shed hidden tears, inner skin
breathe, drink and sing
fresh strength
all day, three days
five days every month
when ever I need to, want to
hide, heal, hold hands
with wise womyn
who want to build a moon lodge

– Jessica Todd –

On the Road to Womanhood

On the Road to Womanhood
Be free to be you
Be strong, yet gentle,
Be proud, yet loving.
May your body always be
A blessing to you,
A sacred grove of love and pleasure.
So care for your body
As you would for a beautiful garden.
Your womb can now bring forth new life
But remember yours is the power
To open or close the gates of life
In your garden.
Therefore yours is the responsibility
To be a conscious gardener.
Open to the embrace of love
When you find the one
Who is truly deserving.

Ksenija Soster-Olmer –(for more ideas from Ksenija, see her article in Mothering)


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