Other Red Tent Initiatives

  • From a Yahoo message board:  “I made a commitment to myself to honor my moontime by taking off the first day of my moon every month, I don’t do a single dish all day or cook extravagant meals, drive kids around to afterschool activities, Just basically Rest-pray-drink tea-take baths-lounge on the deck, etc. Honor myself for all I do! My family is really good about it.  We as women give so much! to honor ourselves once a month is essential to help bring back the balance! nourish nourish nourish yourselves sisters!

  • A Belly dancing troupe – Red Tent’s mission is to facilitate an empowered health conscious community of women inherently drawn to the nature of dance and fitness as healing arts.  Link

  • Holistic gatherings and more.    

  • The Red Tent Women’s Project – the red tents became community spaces where women went to learn from one another, to be in community, and above all, to celebrate life. We draw upon these numerous rich traditions when we call the project a Red Tent.  A women’s community center for women of all backgrounds in a city, which has no community space for women that is not attached to a specific service, school, religious institution, race or ethnicity. 

  • Girls in the Wild: a rite of passage adventure for girls aged 11-18. 


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