The Red Tent – an empowering connection between a group of women. Menstruation brings us into womanhood – a time to rejoice and be supported by other women.  From this point onwards, our lives are filled with occasions when empowerment by and between women is the perfect way to celebrate.  Sometimes the support is more important than the celebration.  From the first time she falls in love to the hot flashes of menopause, a Red Tent Party will honor the collective power of women.  This website shares information and ideas for a Red Tent Party to celebrate a girl’s first period.  Please share any of your ideas and inspiration for empowering girls and women.



10 Responses to “Home”

  1. Judith Says:

    Great pictures of your Red Tent Party – I like the multi-generational aspects. It’s really important to celebrate milestones together.

  2. Miriam Erez Says:

    I looked for a way to mark (I deliberate don’t use the word “celebrate”, because the last thing my girls wanted was a big flap) my girls’ menarches. While searching the Web for “my first period” stories, I discovered the books Vinnie’s Rollercoaster Period Book and Sticker Chart and Vinnie’s Cramp-kicking Remedies. They were perfect, and I’ve since given them as Bat Mitzva presents (1. Get mom’s OK first; 2. Warn girl not to open in front of guests) and gotten rave reviews.

  3. aviya Says:

    hey mommy, got your e-mail! i sent it to all my list and told them to fowerd it. i’m so proud of this website-you did it all by your self!

    love you very much!!! ❤


  4. Rachel Says:


  5. Maya Elhalal Says:

    Loved your review of how menarche is celebrated around the world. Great content!

  6. Linda Avitan Says:

    Kol HaKavod. I’m so proud of you and your great idea. It was a very inspiring and unique party.
    The Red Tent is also one of my favorite books, and enables me to read the portion of the Torah about Dina with a different outlook.
    I wish you luck and much success in your project.

  7. Carrie Says:

    Thanks so much for all the information on this website! I enjoyed it! I always felt proud when I started my period, and I believe all girls should have this experience! I love seeing all the movements taking place for honoring our bodies. Unfortunately, this also means dealing with some of the negative attitudes as well and replacing them with positive images.

    There is a current ad on for Midol, distributed by Bayer, referring to menstruation as a “curse.” I find this ad horrific, but ads for Midol are typically degrading. We’ve been told the best way to end this ad is to call Bayer at 1-800-331-4536, but unfortunately, not enough women are calling and so the ad persists. So please call them anytime and share your thoughts, but this Monday May 4th is designated as the day to bombard them with calls. The more calls the better. Please at least leave your last name and zip code or the call doesn’t even count! If you don’t call, the ad stays on and it is targeted to young girls, teaching them to hate their bodies. So please call as it not only affects this ad, but future ads. Bayer needs to get the hint. All other ads for pain products show respect for the person in pain, with the exception of Midol. Thanks!

  8. mamasimmortal Says:

    Wonderful information. I especially appreciate the multicultural ceremonies. Our Red Tent sisterhood is in the process of creating a rites of passage for our gyrl children. very helpful and necessary!

  9. Jing Jin Says:

    Thank you so much for the inspiration! Wouldn’t it be nice to know if we women are menstruating together! CycleHarmony.com offers a Free Period Calendar for ladies to track their cycles and period symptoms. Hope you’ll join me and let’s party in the RED TENT 🙂

  10. Liliane Grace Says:

    Thank you for a wonderful informative website that invites more and more women and young women to connect with the sacredness of their bodies and celebrate this important rite of passage.

    I was honoured to be present at several Red Tent parties for my nieces and the daughters of my best friend, and then created our own special event for my twin daughters.

    I’m the author of a book for adolescents (personal development in the form of a novel) and currently writing the sequel, in which I will be introducing these themes. I’ll let you know when it’s out – would love feedback from the conscious women who are engaged in this journey with their daughters!

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